[amsat-bb] Pcsat32 doppler problem

Keith McDonnell kg2ix at optonline.net
Thu May 1 17:47:57 PDT 2014

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I know I'm missing something simple but I just cant find it. I have pcsat32 r=
unning under windows 7 to controll my kenwood ts-2000. If i click on a satel=
lite, the rig goes to the appropriate mode and frequency. The program then s=
tarts the doppler adjustment but the frequency on the rig never changes. If I=
 turn the tuning knob on the rig, the new frequency doesnt transfer to the p=
rogram. I have another control program which works fine, so the hardware is i=
ntact, so its something i have done wrong in the set up. I have checked baud=
 rate, com ports and such and all are correct. Thank you for all your help. 7=
3, keith kg2ix=

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