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Goody K3NG goody.k3ng at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 18:53:09 PDT 2014

Thanks for the information!  (I also got several personal emails from folks
with information.  This list is great.)

Before I looked at these antennas I was actually going to make my own
beams, but with work, the honeydo list and less free time than ever, I
figured I'd just bite the bullet and buy the rest of my setup.  Point taken
on the circular polarization.  I heard about the switching relays but
didn't give it much thought.

On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 2:03 PM, Kevin M <n4ufo at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Could someone tell me what the "top 10" SSB/CW (non-FM only) birds are that
> are operational and most popular these days?
> Sorry, but it doesn't get to 10.... there are only four operational.
> FO-29 - JAS 2
> Uplink: 145.900 - 146.000 MHz
> Downlink: 435.800 - 435.900 MHz (inverted)
> Beacon: 435.795 MHz 12WPM with CW message
> AO-7 - OSCAR 7 Mode B
> Uplink: 432.125 - 432.175 MHz
> Downlink: 145.975 - 145.925 MHz (inverted)
> Beacon: 145.972 MHz
> VO-52 - HAMSAT
> Uplink: 435.225 to 435.275 MHz LSB/CW
> Downlink: 145.875 to 145.925 MHz USB/CW (inverted)
> Beacon: 145.860 MHz 12WPM with CW message
> AO-73 - Funcube-1
> Uplink:  435.160 - 435.140 MHz LSB/CW
> Downlink:  145.950 - 145.970 MHz USB/CW (inverted)
> Beacon: 145.935 MHz
> transponder active when in eclipse
> My recommendation would be to spend less on the beams and more on feedline
> and preamps. Those are circular polarized antennas... without wiring up
> relays to switch directions, you are better off just having a single
> polarity. It's my understanding from ops that DO have switching CP that you
> won't know from one pass to the next whether the bird will be RHCP or LHCP
> relative to your location.
> http://sv1bsx.50webs.com/antenna-pol/polarization.html
> I am about to put up a couple of used Cushcraft beams and I consider it a
> bit of overkill myself; an A430-11S and an A144-10S. I plan to mount one
> vertical and the other horizontal to help with desense separation. I was
> originally working AO-7, FO-29 and VU-52 with a couple homebrew antennas
> tilted about 20 degrees on a TV rotor; 7 elements on UHF and a 2m 'IO'
> antenna... and NO preamps. The extra gain of the Cushcraft antennas will be
> nice for low horizon passes, but I will definitely need the AZ-EL rotor
> with that much gain... and with the preamps, I should be able to hear about
> anything.
> I would recommend Davis Buryflex 9913F or maybe LMR-400 for feedline...
> However at 50 feet, if you have preamps, RG-213 would be just fine. I plan
> to mimic the preamp installation of KB5WIA... I got one of those cases
> cheap from MCM Electronics and picked up some used ARR preamps like he has.
> (25 watt transmit limit, but that is PLENTY! In fact, it's probably TOO
> much.) I also got a couple of MFJ diplexers to add to each feedline before
> the preamp to filter out the other band. But if you do add preamps, go with
> Davis Buryflex between the antennas and preamps... that is where you will
> lose receive signal.
> http://kb5wia.blogspot.com/2011_01_01_archive.html
> Good luck with the frankenrotor... that looks pretty cool! I was lucky
> enough to find a used 5400B... I just hope it doesn't have any problems.
> Feel free to e-mail me for any details like the case, homebrew antenna
> plans, etc.
> 73,
> Kevin N4UFO
> n4ufo at yahoo.com
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