[amsat-bb] Re: N American Satellite Activity UP

Michael Mat_62 at charter.net
Sat Mar 29 12:21:53 PDT 2014

Been down this road before.  I have nothing against operators who want 
to work satellites with an HT and a handheld antenna.  I tried it and 
don't see the attraction once the novelty wears off but hey, to each 
their own.  Said it before and I'll say it again,  I think we do 
ourselves a huge disservice by constantly trying to convince people just 
how "easy" it is to work the sats.  Some of us were drawn to this branch 
of the hobby because of the challenge,  not because of how "easy" it 
was.  Operators who don't back down from a challenge  are our 
future..... or they should be.
Michael, W4HIJ
On 3/29/2014 12:16 AM, Gus wrote:
> On 03/28/2014 12:20 PM, Clayton Coleman wrote:
>> I cringe at the "anti-handheld in the backyard
>> mentality" because those operators are our future.
> A single-band CW Tx with a crystal oscillator and a simple, 
> single-conversion Rx may be a perfect way to encourage newcomers to 
> the world of HF.  Especially as it shows that a large investment is 
> not necessary to get started.  But it would be WRONG to mislead 
> prospective hams into believing that such a setup is the be-all and 
> end-all of operating HF.  They should be made to understand that 
> considerable sophistication is possible when operating HF and 
> sophisticated equipment available to suit.
> Similarly, a "handheld in the backyard" method of operating via 
> satellite works.  It has the beauty of being (comparatively) easy to 
> set up as a demo, and promises success for the newcomer on a limited 
> budget.  But it is WRONG to suggest that this is the peak of 
> sophistication in ham satellite operation, and that old-timers as well 
> as newcomers should be satisfied with having to drape their equipment 
> around their neck and run out into the backyard, rain or shine, every 
> time they want to operate.
> I'm not saying there is anything wrong with handhelds in the back 
> yard.  I'm saying that as far as I'm concerned, I'm not interested.  I 
> took the training wheels off my bike a long time ago, and I wear long 
> trousers now.
> (Actually, I wear shorts almost exclusively.  But hopefully you get my 
> point.)

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