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Jerry Buxton amsat at n0jy.org
Fri Mar 28 19:23:22 PDT 2014

When Fox-1 is completed, the whole design kit and kaboodle will be 
published to shed the ITAR shroud (as we have done with what has been 
developed as we go along, in the AMSAT-NA Space Symposium Proceedings) 
and anyone who wants to build one can use it or adapt it (hopefully 
keeping the ham transponder!) for their CubeSat RF design and fly it 
in/from/for another country with their experiments.  The idea being as 
JoAnne said, the radio part is proven and provides a platform so they 
can concentrate on their experiments and build a CubeSat that handily 
just happens to contain a transponder for hams during, or when they are 
done with, their experiments.
Of course if ITAR restrictions are eased or removed, then AMSAT-NA could 
collaborate with other countries as well and incorporate their 
experiments as we are doing with our U.S. partners now.


On 3/28/2014 8:31 PM, JoAnne Maenpaa wrote:
> Hi Bernhard,
>> Now if I could only convince them to include a
>> transponder for us hams ...
> FUNcube boards and the AMSAT-NA Fox-1 boards include the capability to
> transmit telemetry data modes and support a voice transponder. Not
> sure what ITAR issues prevent Fox-1 boards being used in other
> country's satellites.
> The Fox-1 boards supply the avionics radio half of the satellite
> leaving the students to concentrate on designing their scientific
> payload. Fox boards have a documented interface for experimenters to
> use.
> FUNcube switches between ham voice/cw modes and full power telemetry.
> Fox-1 boards would provide the capability to support both voice and
> low-rate telemetry stream simultaneously or switch to a high speed
> data link with no voice.
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