[amsat-bb] after-hamfest day trip to SE Arizona...

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Wed Mar 26 15:33:03 PDT 2014


After the hamfest wraps up in Tucson AZ around midday on Saturday,
I plan on heading east on I-10 toward the rarely heard grids DM51, 
DM52, and DM53.  I will also be near New Mexico.  For those who 
are interested in grids, I can stop and work from two of the 3 grids
I listed.  DM52 will certainly be one grid I can work from out there, 
and I can get to grid boundaries where I could also be in DM51 or 
DM53.  Is there any preference on which of the other two grids I 
should go to?  Or a QSO with New Mexico, which would still be 
DM52 but a little further east on I-10?  

I've worked from this area on many post-hamfest road trips over 
the past few years, so I know the spots where I can park my car 
to be on those grid boundaries.  Unfortunately, my car won't survive 
the dirt track to park on the Arizona/New Mexico state line, and I
won't stop on the side of the freeway to be on the state line, so a
New Mexico QSO will be from a freeway exit about 5 miles/8km
east of the state line.  

It looks like I will have one SO-50 pass I can work at the hamfest
Saturday morning.  The evening passes appear to be too late for 
me.  I should be able to work VO-52 and FO-29 passes from 
wherever I end up out there.  For those who can only work FM 
satellites (read "SO-50", for the time being), sorry.  I will be back 
in this area in early May, and SO-50 might have better pass times
for an afternoon/early evening swing through this area.  

As with the satellite demonstrations at the Tucson hamfest, I will 
upload my post-hamfest log to Logbook of the World.  I will also 
print QSL cards, and be happy to send one your way if you are in 
my log.  Please e-mail me the QSO details, as there's no need to 
send me a card or SASE to get my card.  

Thanks, and 73!

Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 

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