[amsat-bb] Re: Uni-Trac 2003 Parallel Port Version - Any Users outthere ?

Dale Hershberger daleh at alaska.net
Wed Mar 19 15:27:10 PDT 2014

Hi Mike, Jerry,
I have a unitrac  2003.  I worked fine on my Dell desktop with XP using 
NOVA and G5500 rotors.
  I had some issues with the computer so I upgraded new HP with Windows 
7.  The controller
would not work.  I emailed  John G3BVU/W1.  This is part of his reply:
    ( /As you have discovered U-2000 (and U-2003) are not 64-bit 
programmes. And there's no hope of getting them up-dated to 64 bits. //
//           I too love U-2000. Although we have been selling U-2003 for 
several years, I still have U-2000 in my personal tracking system. I 
like 2000 much better than 2003. I too use NOVA to drive it. /)
My old Dell with XP was 32 bit and the new HP with win 7 is 64 bit 
only.  I now use SatPC32 with
LVB tracker and same antennae rotors.

Hope this may shed some light on the questions.

73, Dale KL7XJ
On 3/18/2014 10:45 PM, K5OE wrote:
> Mike,
> I have the same combo and tried a Win 7 machine (laptop) with a USB-to-Parallel adapter to no avail (I'm neither a PC guru nor patient).  I gave up and just keep a legacy machine running XP for this controller.  It has worked reliably since I bought it more than a decade ago.
> 73,
> Jerry, M0GOE
> ***********************************************************************************************
> Greetings,
> I'm still running a Uni-Trac Parallel port interface with ZL2AMD's Uni-Trac
> 3.0.b software on Windows XP to control a Yaesu G5400B.  Yes its old, and
> yes, it works fine.  It even has DDE capability to run it from SATPC32,
> which is credited to DK1TB (Erich - SATPC32 Author).
> Question, is there anyone out there using this tracker on an O/S
> later/other than Windows XP ?
> (If so, I'd be interested in the details)

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