[amsat-bb] W1AW/7 (Arizona) on satellites, as of 0400 UTC 17 March

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sun Mar 16 21:58:25 PDT 2014


It has been fun working satellites with the W1AW/7 call over
the past few days.  Especially this weekend, between the 
Scottsdale AZ hamfest yesterday and getting up early this 
morning to start on the satellites at 6am (1300 UTC).  Add in
other passes John K8YSE worked from his Arizona station, 
and I think W1AW/7 was on most passes workable from 
Arizona starting very early this morning into this evening.  
If I didn't need to get some more sleep tonight before going 
back to work, I would have tried for one or two more passes 
tonight before calling it a night.  

I logged 36 QSOs as W1AW/7 today, working 12 different 
passes between 1300 and 0400 UTC.  As of now, I have 
logged 102 satellite QSOs as W1AW/7.  John K8YSE told 
me yesterday afternoon how many QSOs he had logged as 
W1AW/7 at that point; I forget the exact number, but it was 
already over 100 at that time.  With almost two days left 
before the W1AW/x calls move to two other states, the 
W1AW/7 Arizona effort has at least 200 satellite QSOs
in the log.  Thanks to everyone who has called John and me
on so many passes over the past 5 days.  I will come back
and post an update with some statistics from our logs in a 
few days, once we have completed our week as W1AW/7. 

For Monday, John and I will go back to what we did before 
the weekend.  K8YSE/7 will try to work passes during the 
daytime as W1AW/7, then I will work as W1AW/7 into the 
evening.  I will plan on being on AO-73 at 0416 & 0552 UTC, 
as this will be the last evening we will have the W1AW/7 call.
Then K8YSE/7 will be on during the daytime Tuesday as 
W1AW/7 until 2359 UTC.  Even if you have already worked 
us, please feel free to give us a call if you hear us on a pass.  

All of the W1AW/x activity may be an ARRL event, but it is nice 
to see the interest in having those calls show up on the satellites
along with the HF and other bands.  If your state does not have a
plan for satellite operating during its week with a W1AW/x call, 
please contact the coordinator for your state in the listing at:


Chances are good that you will be allowed to use the W1AW/x 
call for your state.  If you're not careful, you may be asked (or
drafted) to coordinate satellite activity for your state's week with
the W1AW/x call. :-)



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