[amsat-bb] W1AW/7 through Saturday (15 March) evening

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat Mar 15 23:46:27 PDT 2014


Thanks for all the QSOs with W1AW/7 at the Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club's
"Springfest" hamfest in Scottsdale AZ this morning.  I logged 29 QSOs on FO-29,
SO-50, and VO-52 throughout the morning.  This evening was not as productive 
for the W1AW/7 log, with only one QSO on FO-29 (thanks AC0RA!), not being
able to complete a QSO at the end of an AO-73 pass, and logging XF1T on a 
late-evening SO-50 pass to wrap up the day.  I have logged 66 QSOs as W1AW/7
so far, and I think I remember John telling me this afternoon his W1AW/7 QSO 
count is over 100.  

Between K8YSE/7 and me, we will try to have W1AW/7 on many passes on Sunday.
Again, please give us a call and get in the W1AW/7 log.  We are on pace to have
the largest number of satellite QSOs for any of the W1AW/x activity so far in 2014.
Thanks, John, for working so many passes during the week, while I was at work.  
Arizona still has the W1AW/7 call through 2359 UTC on Tuesday, and we plan on 
working passes on Monday and through Tuesday afternoon.  

Along with our two-man W1AW/7 satellite effort from Arizona, there are dozens 
of stations throughout the state working different HF bands and modes using the 
special call.  If you want to try logging any of those before Tuesday afternoon, a 
schedule is available at http://www.n7cw.com/Schedule.html 

I am trying to post updates on my Twitter feed @WD9EWK (or visit 
http://twitter.com/WD9EWK to view my feed on a web page) for up-to-the-minute 
information on my W1AW/7 satellite activity.  

Time for bed... I am planning to work VO-52 just after 1300 UTC Sunday morning,
and that's not too far away.  


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 

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