[amsat-bb] W1AW/7 from Arizona on satellites, after 2 days...

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Thu Mar 13 22:10:00 PDT 2014


After just over 2 days, John K8YSE/7 and I have been busy 
putting W1AW/7 on lots of satellite passes.  It's been fun!  I 
just worked a couple of passes this evening on FO-29 and 
AO-73, bringing my QSO count to 23 over 7 different passes 
on 3 satellites (AO-73, FO-29, VO-52).  John has been on 
during the daytime, working more passes and stations.  I did 
not get an update from him today, but hope to get something 
from him tomorrow that I can pass along (if he doesn't post an
update himself). 

On the AO-73 pass I just worked tonight, there was a Canadian
station who was trying to call me in CW near the end of the pass.
I'm sorry I could not copy enough of your call to make a cross-
mode contact, as your CW was a bit faster than what I can copy
outside of some HF contests.  I have the keyer in my FT-817NDs
set at 17wpm, a speed fast enough to be comfortable sending 
and copying without having to scribble anything down (my audio
recorder comes in handy on CW just as it does for SSB and FM
QSOs).  I have been asked to make CW QSOs as W1AW/7, but 
I'm not very comfortable doing a lot of CW via satellite.  Throw in 
Doppler on top of trying to concentrate on my sending and pointing 
the antenna - a lot to do.   

Despite my poor effort trying to decode that call, I was able to work
CO6CBF early in tonight's AO-73 pass.  Hector has been doing great
things with his gear on the satellites lately, including operating portable - 
something he had difficulties doing in the past.  Maybe we can get him 
to work SSB and FM satellites during Cuban grid expeditions, as he 
has done previously on SO-50.  :-)  

I may not stay up too late tomorrow (Friday) night working the
satellites, so I can be up early and at the hamfest in Scottsdale
AZ early Saturday morning.  I might be able to work a couple of
passes, ending with an FO-29 pass around 0335 UTC, so I can
pack my gear and get up to the hamfest early.  I am shooting 
for the VO-52 pass around 1251 UTC and the FO-29 pass after
that at 1305 UTC for good chances to work all across North 
America from the hamfest as W1AW/7.  

A reminder... I'm posting updates on my plans to work as W1AW/7
on my Twitter feed @WD9EWK (http://twitter.com/WD9EWK for 
those not using Twitter), and will continue to do that Saturday 
morning at the hamfest.  I should be able to tweet some photos 
during the hamfest, and - assuming the mobile phone data network
is 3G or 4G at the hamfest - I should be able to submit data from
AO-73 to the FUNcube data warehouse from the hamfest site.  

Thanks for all the QSOs with John and me as W1AW/7 so far this
week.  We'll keep working passes through Tuesday afternoon, when
this week of fun comes to an end for us using W1AW/7 in Arizona.
Please call us when you hear us on, even if you've already worked
us this week.  


Patrick WD9EWK/VA7EWK 

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