[amsat-bb] Re: Two hundred 437 MHz satallites launch March 16 + WebSDR

M5AKA m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 11 15:14:33 PDT 2014

> This may be true if the owner of the satellite is not licensed in
> the USA or it is operating on some service other than the Amateur Radio
> Service. ITU recommends policy, it doesn't make or enforce law as I
> understand it.

Judging from the number issued in recent years the FCC seem happy to issue experimental licenses for satellites in 144/435/2400 including the use of emission types that aren't covered by existing FCC amateur radio regulations. 

AggieSat4's 153.6 kbps 4 watt 436 MHz downlink using ITU Emission 
Designation 406KF7DBN might breach the bandwidth limits of an amateur 
license, its 406 kHz B/W comfortably exceeding the FCC 100 kHz limit on the band, but FCC were okay with issuing an experimental license for it.

As I read the FCC amateur regs emission spread spectrum emission modes such as CDMA can be used on all amateur bands as long as ITU emission designation symbols 2 and 3 are not both X. Such XX modes are designated by FCC as "SS" and only permitted above 420 MHz.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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