[amsat-bb] Re: Two hundred 437 MHz satallites launch March 16 + WebSDR

Howie DeFelice howied231 at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 11 13:53:29 PDT 2014

"Keep in mind that the downlink is not effected by usa rules...."

This may be true if the owner of the satellite is not licensed in
the USA or it is operating on some service other than the Amateur Radio
Service. ITU recommends policy, it doesn't make or enforce law as I
understand it.

Before this gets too much further into the weeds, the purpose of my
original post was to bring awareness that satcom is regulated by 
cooperative national authorities and is not the "wild west" of
radio spectrum. This is true whether it is an amateur of commercial
satellite regardless of size. Just because you can build it and get it
launched does not mean it is legal. We all have a responsibility to
be vigilant. I don't think too many people would intentionally put up
a satellite in violation of the rule of law, but it is a complex issue.
It never hurts to ask a question. 

- Howie AB2S


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