[amsat-bb] [CAUTION] The Satellite ID of CelesTrack is wrong!

Akihiro Kubota akihiro.kubota at nifty.com
Mon Mar 10 17:02:07 PDT 2014

dear amsat-bb members,

hello. many people ask us that the CW of our new cubesat INVADER can not be received.
this is because the satellite id of CelesTrack is wrong.

the real data is INVADER = 39577U 14009F.

we already send the measurement data of doppler shift to CelesTrack.
i hope they will correct data ASAP.


anyway, please use the TLE of 39577U 14009F (ITF 1) in order to receive the CW of INVADER.

thanks in advance.

all the best,

ARTSAT project leader
akihiro kubota

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