[amsat-bb] Question for Gpredict Users

Pavel Milanes Costa co7wt at frcuba.co.cu
Mon Jun 23 13:40:59 UTC 2014

My mistake...

I found a error y my commands earlier sended to you...

In every sentence that states /dev/USB0 you you must put /dev/ttyUSB0 
and so on..

note the tty between /dev/ and USB0

Sorry, I was away from home and now I tested at home and found the "bug"


El 20/06/14 18:30, Richard Lawn escribió:
> Still doesn't seem to work, but thank you for your help. Linux is nearly
> like a foreign language to me hi hi. I'll paste a screen shot of the
> terminal window that might help diagnosis.
> When I then typed into the terminal - rigctl -m 101 -r /dev/ttyS0 the
> window just froze. I left it open and then tried to engage radio control
> through Gpredict and the screen dimmed and would not respond to any
> controls other than to shut down the application. Suggestions?
> Rick
> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 6:07 PM, Pavel Milanes Costa <co7wt at frcuba.co.cu
> <mailto:co7wt at frcuba.co.cu>> wrote:
>     Hi Richard...
>     In Linux with Gperdict you have to use a hamlib "proxy"...
>     First install the package hamlib-utils, using the console or terminal...
>     If debian
>     su -
>     (provide your debian root paswd)
>     apt-get install hamlib hamlib-utils
>     if ubuntu
>     sudo apt-get install hamlib hamlib-utils
>     (provide your user passwd here)
>     Then you must tune your rigctld command
>     for a FT-847 this is a good starting point... again, in console...
>     rigctld -m 101 -r /dev/USB0
>     Where
>     -m 101 is you telling the soft that you have a FT-847...
>     -r /dev/USB0 is your serial device, in this case I use a usb to
>     serial interface, if you use a REAL serial port in yopur PC you have
>     to change /dev/USB0 by /dev/ttyS0
>     The 0 in all this is the order... 0 is COM1 like in windows, and
>     /dev/USB0 is the forst usb you connected...
>     I think you already have dialup permissions...
>     73 de CO7WT
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>     I'm new to using Ubuntu-Linux. I finally with a lot of outside
>     counciling
>     got FlDigi to run using either Hamlib or Flrig to handle CAT on my
>     FT-847.
>     I thought I was home free until I found that Gpredict would not
>     control CAT
>     on the radio. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help? Linux is my only
>     resource on this old XP P3 computer. Ubuntu runs great if I can only
>     learn
>     how to use command line Linus language hi hi!
>     73
>     Rick
>     W2JAZ
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