[amsat-bb] XE1SEW/P DL90 & Operating FO-29 Portable

Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 15:59:53 UTC 2014

On the last pass of SO-50 (15:27 UTC, 20-Jun) over North America, I worked
XE1SEW operating portable in DL90.

Last night he was calling CQ on FO-29 from EL00.  I do not believe he made
any successful contacts due in part to many stations calling CQ within 3
kHz of him.  There may have been other factors.  Having operated many times
portable, I can assure you that neighboring stations on adjacent
frequencies can pose challenges.  I am not laying blame but rather making
an observation.

Please, consider moving away from FO-29's passband center if you intend to
operate portable.  As a general rule on FO-29 I try to transmit portable
below 145.93 and above 145.97.  As a portable station this provides some
shielding from the "death zone" of higher power, fixed stations who always
seem to appear and call CQ +/- 10 kHz of the transponder's center
frequency.  (some suffering from terminal CHS syndrome)


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