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 One of the other problems is all the unattended beacons that are firing
away every 30 seconds which make it extremely difficult for people that are
at the radio trying to make actual contacts.


On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 10:48 AM, Kelley <kshaddrick at jetup.net> wrote:

> Hi JoAnne,
> I am able to copy stations on 145.825. I am also able to do APRS on
> 144.390 (and the aprs.fi website shows my station as being active).
> 1. I now recall a series of posts not to long ago that talked about this
> very issue of SATGATE's. The only reason I wanted to see a posting of my
> callsign somewhere was to see that it was indeed working. I think I'll
> change my unproto to RS0ISS, seems most of the stations I hear have it set
> that way.
> 3. I do have my TNC set to PASSALL. I do see a fair amount of packet
> activity. I'm just not getting anything in the way of a response. I'll just
> keep at it and see what happens.
> During the pass, I issue a "converse" command and send something like "Hi
> from Kelley EN25". If I see another station I send something like "Hi W0ABC
> this is Kelley W0RK". Is this the right format? I assume that trying to
> connect to another station isn't the right way?
> Thanks for the very informative response JoAnne. Perhaps I'll see you on
> the bird.
> Kelley - WØRK
> On 6/8/2014 9:21 AM, JoAnne Maenpaa wrote:
>> Hi Kelley,
>> If you are able to copy stations on the 145.825 MHz downlink you have
>> your packet setup working. If you add "more antenna" you'll find you
>> can copy a pass starting sooner and lasting longer. Otherwise, if you
>> hear with the vertical antenna it is working OK.
>> I use the USA 144.390 MHz APRS beacon frequency for testing my packet
>> receive setups. I'm near Chicago so there is always an APRS
>> brap-brap-brappity-brap around. In rural areas you may need to wait a
>> while. But, if your packet setup works on terrestrial signals it is
>> ready for the ISS. You can do testing without waiting for an ISS pass
>> if you use 144.390. Then tune back up 145.825 and it should be ready.
>> But (there is always a but) ...
>> 1. Getting on the list and/or map at www.ariss.net depends on the
>> downlink also being heard by an earth station setup to SATGATE its
>> received packets. There seem to be fewer SATGATE stations around than
>> in years previously. You don't have to do anything special to get
>> SATGATE'd. Your UNPROTO CQ VIA ARISS (CQ VIA RS0ISS works also) is all
>> you need to do. But there has to be a SATGATE station in range.
>> 2. ARISS has a weaker signal than before. It is still a good signal
>> but in the past their higher power used to make the packet bursts able
>> to be copied on an HT and rubber duck. Nowadays an external antenna is
>> necessary (which you have). The ARISS downlink signal experiences
>> shadowing from the ISS structure. Sometimes this contributes to the
>> weaker downlink which means fewer stations hearing you ... or,
>> SATGATES hearing you.
>> 3. Setting PASSALL to ON helps you copy packets that don't complete
>> the checksum. Many times there is enough information in there for
>> human eyes to pick out. Still, the SATGATES will need to receive the
>> entire packet with checksum to relay you. This is just another
>> technique for troubleshooting. PASSALL is available on the hardware
>> TNC configurations but I haven't found a soundcard packet program
>> which supports it.
>> 4. PCSAT NO-44 can digipeat on 145.825 if it has a good charge from
>> its solar panels. Set your unproto to CQ VIA W3ADO-1. The signal from
>> NO-44 is definitely weaker than the ISS. It often shuts down after a
>> few packets because of power issues. On a good day it is another
>> satellite to add to your list. The packet log and map for NO-44 is at
>> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi  The same lack of SATGATE
>> stations issue also applies here. Sometimes it may be a couple of days
>> until someone makes it through and on rare passes several stations are
>> successful.
>> --
>> 73 de JoAnne K9JKM
>> k9jkm at amsat.org
>> Editor, AMSAT Journal
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