[amsat-bb] Help on setting a RTL-SDR Dongle

Vincenzo Mone vimone at alice.it
Sun Jun 8 08:07:31 UTC 2014

Hi folks I am interested to receive the satellites with the USB RTL-SDR
I found on eBay one called:
I bought on eBay the DVB-T USB Stick HD/DIGITAL TV Television FM Radio HDTV.
Tried to follow the instructions found on Jason's' page at:


but I get stuck on the step:

8.	Tune into a known frequency like the National Weather Service, this
is required to adjust the PPM

Please which is the frequency of the PPM?
I have tried to set the frequency on a local packet but cannot find it on
the Software.
Please can anybody give more help to set it in the right way?
Any help will be really appreciated.
Thanks for help in advance.

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