[amsat-bb] New Low-cost Launcher For Satellites

B J va6bmj at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 15:19:42 UTC 2014

On 7/30/14, Rich/wa4bue <richard.siff at verizon.net> wrote:
> The cost of a launch has been a problem since day one of our space program
> and will remain a problem until there are many paradigm shifts.  But the
> longer it is business as usual, the cost to orbit a satellite will remain
> high.  Not but a few months ago we were celebrating on the blog so many
> birds being launched and they were - and they are in orbit (in
> operational).
> For all of us now and for everyone in the past that want to communicate with
> OSCARs it is a long slow path to routine.  But if it was routine we would
> find ourselves taking OSCAR communications for granted just like 20 meters.
> Who on the blog has an idea for cheaper launch and think about HEO too?


>From what I hear, $50,000 for launching a cubesat into LEO seems to be
the price that people are trying to achieve.

One solution is cheap launchers.  There's someone who's working on not
just a system but a methodology by which someone can send a payload
into orbit very quickly.  However, from that I've heard, he's a long
way from that goal.

Another is launching several spacecraft at the same time, much like
what has been done in recent years.  The SHERPA system that was
recently announced is one possibility.  However, should that
malfunction, then all the satellites on board will likely be lost,
which is what happened with the KickSat.


Bernhard VA6BMJ @ DO33FL

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