[amsat-bb] ARRL Convention - follow-up

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Tue Jul 29 16:04:42 UTC 2014


Even though we were not permitted to record our presentations during
the ARRL Centennial Convention just over a week ago, I was able to 
record the satellite demonstrations done outside the convention center
over those three days.  I had attempted to work SO-50 on Friday (18
July) and Saturday (19 July) afternoon from outside the convention, 
but could not get through during those passes.  AO-7, on the other 
hand, saw more success.  

This video is a combination of the audio from the AO-7 downlink with
photos from the demonstration and AMSAT's presence at the ARRL 
convention.  This pass was on Thursday, 17 July, at 2026 UTC - as
our day-long training seminar wrapped up:


On Saturday (19 July) morning, I was able to have a short contact
with astronaut (and US Navy Commander) Reid Wiseman.  Again, I
did not have a video, but took the audio from the contact and added
a photo slideshow:


The ISS was passing to the southwest of Hartford, in the direction 
where I had the easiest time hearing it.  An earlier pass that went 
across the northern sky was harder, dealing with the tall buildings 
in that direction.  

The last video is an actual video of an AO-7 demonstration later in the
day on Saturday.  The convention had officially closed about 20 minutes
before the start of this video, and there was a nice crowd that stopped 
by to take in the demonstration:


This video shows an example of AO-7's recent behavior, where it will 
switch from mode B to mode A during a pass.  Unfortunately, this switch
took place around the time AO-7 was directly over Hartford.  

All 3 demonstrations, along with the unsuccessful SO-50 demonstrations,
took place on the plaza in front of the Connecticut Convention Center, in
grid FN31ps.  From this location, there was good visibility to the south and
west, and not so much toward the east (looking at the convention center
and its parking garage).  The two AO-7 passes had very high elevation 
as the satellite passed from south to north, and the ISS pass was a high 
pass across the southwestern sky.  

If you want to see what was being presented during the day-long training
seminar, and talked about during the rest of the convention, please visit:


The slideshows from those presentations are available in PowerPoint and
PDF formats.  



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