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Gus gus at 8p6sm.net
Tue Jul 22 17:39:49 UTC 2014

On 07/22/2014 11:54 AM, Kevin M wrote:
> I've heard comments that basically imply anyone who wants to go outside with an HT and wave a yagi around is stupid.

I will respond to this because of comments I've made in the past, which 
may have been misunderstood.

Standing outside with a yagi in hand and the monsoon trickling down my 
neck isn't for me.  It is demonstrably a valid way to make contacts and 
an excellent way to demonstrate how satellite operation can occur with 
minimalist equipment.  But as far as I'm concerned, it IS NOT the 
ultimate objective of a satellite operator.  It is the BARE MINIMUM of 
satellite operation, and there is no way I'm going to be satisfied with 
that for more than one or two passes.

To imply to the uneducated observer and potential future satellite 
operator, that standing in the rain is the pinnacle of hamsat ground 
station technology is (in my opinion) counter productive and, yes, 
stupid.  As would be implying that a single-band, rock-bound QRP CW rig 
is the ultimate in ham HF technology.  There is nothing wrong with QRP 
or broomstick-waving, far from it.  And to those who enjoy it, more 
power to you!  But if broomstick-waving is all I can hope to achieve in 
satellite operation, then I'll be very disappointed.

Gus 8P6SM
G-QRP 6941
The Easternmost Isle

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