[amsat-bb] AMSAT where are we going for what it is worth.

Rich/wa4bue richard.siff at verizon.net
Tue Jul 22 17:18:01 UTC 2014

Been a member of AMSAT since the early 80s.  Like most of you joined to
support the SAT Program.  Most of us probably joined for the same reason.

How does AMSAT survive?  Survival is through volunteers and financial
resources.  Where does that come from????

Like any other amateur radio club only a few help do!!

A while back I asked what is AMSAT's STRATEGIC PLAN?

Technology has changed drastically since I joined.  Has the plan changed.

I agree FM satellites are the easiest point of entrance for a new SAT
communicator.  I disagree with I one frequency SAT.  That is an expensive
way to fill in the GAP.

FOX seems to be a great answer to entry levels operators, possibly the
majority of the operators.

With that said, Linear Transponders like AO 7 and FO 29 at higher altitudes
are needed.  We have lost VO 52.

It is hard to use the birds in our K4AMG mentoring program since their
orbits are mostly incompatible with classroom times.  NO SOLUTION IN SITE.

So there is a need to plan ahead for more accessible birds with more Linear
transponders and other features.  How do we get there?

A strategic plan accesses the current mission and goals to achieve a future

Your volunteer time and money can make this happen.

One step would be enhanced Field Organization.

When we started the K4AMG MARC, Inc. there was no field organization in our
area.  Plenty of help from A FAR but no one with hands on experience

Just a member


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