[amsat-bb] Digital Satellites Question

Dave Marthouse dmarthouse at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 15:41:09 UTC 2014

I have been following the digital satellite discussion with great 
interest.  Both sides have valid points.

I would like to pose a strictly engineering question.  Keep in mind that 
I'm not an engineer but consider myself reasonably well read on the 
amateur satellite

A digital satellite would imply loads of processing power on the 
satellite.  I would assume that with this additional activity that there 
will be more
hardware on the bird with more complexity as this won't be a bent pipe 

With more physical hardware of much more complexity in orbit what about 
the radiation hazards to this more complex and physical hardware heavier 
system?  Wouldn't a software based system be prone to radiation induced 
hardware and software glitches?
What about shielding etc?

Dave Marthouse N2AAM
dmarthouse at gmail.com

Dave Marthouse
dmarthouse at gmail.com

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