[amsat-bb] I want this. I want that. Here comes another FM LEO sat.

Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 00:36:17 UTC 2014

I am pleased that AMSAT-NA is going to move forward with a LEO
CubeSat, single channel, analog FM transponder.  If successful, it
will be immensely popular worldwide. My hope is that it will help
usher in a new, improved series of satellites with more advanced
payloads.  There is great potential in the ranks of AMSAT-NA and
groups worldwide to achieve lofty goals.  Look at what AMSAT-UK and
others have already done in the CubeSat platform.  The digital mode
capabilities discussed here on the AMSAT-BB are just the tip of the
iceberg to where technology can take us.

It's very easy to be a pessimist or a cynic.  Very little risk is
involved.  It doesn't take any cojones to sit in a comfy chair and
email snarky comments. If you are optimistic about a project and it
fails, your peers may see your actions as a fool.  Even worse, people
may withdraw their financial support for future missions.  Even after
great success, the optimist may receive very little praise, especially
in this field of voluntary amateur radio service.

AMSAT-NA is boldly entering the CubeSat world with the planned
satellite series FOX-1.  If you haven't noticed, there have been
full-page advertisements soliciting volunteers in the AMSAT Journal.
There is plenty of opportunity to serve and influence the direction of

If we all threaten to leave and stop paying our dues when things don't
go our way, what will we ever accomplish?

Please take a simple step to support amateur radio in space.  Donate
to the FOX-1C launch effort.  http://www.amsat.org/?p=2957


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