[amsat-bb] going digital

Jim Sanford wb4gcs at wb4gcs.org
Mon Jul 21 22:31:30 UTC 2014

Which is exactly what the FunCube guys did, and look at what they've 
wb4gcs at amsat.org

When DirecTV designed their satellite broadcast system, did they worry
>> about backward compatibility with the multitude (or so it probably
>> seemed) of existing C-band BUD (Big Ugly Dish) owners? All of whom were
>> then receiving analog FM, I might add.
>> If not, then why are they still in business?
> Probably because they didn't design a satellite.  They designed an 
> entire _/*system*/_ including ground station components as well as 
> flight hardware. The ground system components were made available such 
> that their target audience was able to upgrade their BUD installations 
> with only reasonable expenditures of time, effort and money.  But 
> that's just a guess in my part.
> I'd love to chat with you on the new digital hamsat, but if it's going 
> to require I spend $5k+ on hard-to-source, esoteric components and 
> cobble them together with duct tape, then it'll be a while before I'm 
> QRV.  So, the first few days after launch those 60 DV channels may be 
> a little quiet.

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