[amsat-bb] 432 10-13 -Element Antenna?

Gary Mayfield kk0sd at tnics.com
Mon Jul 21 11:36:15 UTC 2014

Gulf Alpha has a 7 x 7 element 2 meter with a 10 x 10 element 70cm antenna
on one boom.  I would love to hear from someone with one of those.


I have one of his earlier / smaller antennas, and it performs very well and
is the most sturdily built antenna like this I have ever seen.

Joe kk0sd

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I'm limited to indoor antennas for all my amateur operations, including 
satellite operation. Right now, I'm running a 6 element 2 Meter yagi, 
along with the 7 element 432 beam (part of an arrow antenna). I have 
room to rotate a larger, and longer 432 antenna, and I'd love to have 
more gain.

Most of the commercial antennas seem to be either small and portable, 
like the Arrow or much longer intended for weak signal operations. Is 
anyone aware of something in between, such as a 10 to 13 element antenna 
available commercially. No time or interest in homebrewing one right now.

Even better, does anyone have one that is surplus to their needs that 
they'd like to sell?


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