[amsat-bb] ANS-199 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin - AMSAT Fox-1C Launch Opportunity Announced

Jerry Buxton amsat at n0jy.org
Sat Jul 19 21:04:16 UTC 2014

On 7/19/2014 3:24 PM, Phil Karn wrote:
>> >However, the Fox-1A, Fox-1B, Fox-1C, and Fox-1D satellites will
>> >eventually lead to the Fox-2 series of satellites.
> I've been hearing that for years, so please forgive my skepticism. Tony
> AA2TX himself told me that the analog Fox-1 would be followed by the
> digital Fox-2. Now we have Fox-1B, Fox-1C, etc, that will also be
> analog. Forgive me if I feel a little like Achilles racing the tortoise.
Ah, but the plan always was to build four of the Fox-1 series, which is 
a series of FM analog transponders.  Initially, one had a launch and the 
other three would be "ready to fly" if other opportunities came up.  If 
you're going to spend the time developing them, why not partner for free 
launches (ELaNa) for more than one?  The opportunities for an FM 
transponder and educational outreach are good.  I still have 
universities looking to partner.

Look at it this way... we are "clearing the shelves" with 3 out of 4 of 
the intended Fox-1 going to orbit, that really means that we can pretty 
much call it a day with Fox-1 and move on to Fox-2 now.  We will build 
them all and be done with them all by next May.  There will be more than 
one flying soon, so that we can learn how well they work and apply those 
lessons to Fox-2 while we're working out the design.  It's only the 

Jerry Buxton, NØJY

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