[amsat-bb] IEEE Conference on Wireless for Space (neitherlands) seeks papers (APRS?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 9 19:59:43 UTC 2014

If anyone in Europe wants to submit a paper on APRS and other AX.25
satellite relay, this conference might be a good match.  We like to think
of the 145.825 AMSATs as a continuum of remote-data access for student
experiments and remote data access…


IEEE Conference on Wireless for Space & Extreme Environments Seeks Papers

WASHINGTON (9 July 2014) -- Organizers of the International Conference on
Wireless for Space and Extreme Environments (WiSEE) are seeking papers and
posters that address solutions to the significant challenges of wireless
sensing and communication in space (and extreme environments).

The submission deadline is 1 August.

Areas of particular interest include but are not limited to:

* Low-power active wireless sensors, systems & networks

* Passive wireless sensors, systems & networks

* RFID devices & systems

* Protocols & architectures for delay & disruption-tolerant networking

* Network architectures, middleware integration & data management

* Cognitive radio networks

* Localization & tracking over wireless links

* Antenna design, smart antennas, beam forming & multiple-antenna techniques

* Propagation modelling for planetary surfaces & complex multipath

* Wireless & cyber security

* Optical communication systems

* Availability, certification & spaceflight qualification for wireless
devices & systems

* Integrated vehicle systems

For more information and to submit a paper or poster, see

WiSEE 2014 will be held at the European Space Agency’s European Space and
Technology Research Centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, 30-31 October

The event will bring together investigators from international space
agencies, including ESA, the Canadian Space Agency and NASA, along with
aerospace and space defense industries and academic researchers, in an
effort to understand and solve emerging problems facing wireless sensing
and communication during spaceflight and in extreme environments such as
planetary surfaces, space vehicles and space habitats.


The many challenges faced in space sensing and communication are extremely
diverse and overlap significantly with those found in extreme environments
on earth. These environments pose significant challenges for radio
frequency and optical wireless sensing and communication and will require
the application of a broad range of technologies to generate reliable and
cost-effective solutions. Although specific challenges vary significantly
from one environment to another, many of the solutions offered by sensing,
communication and statistical signal processing technologies can be applied
in multiple environments.

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