[amsat-bb] myflydream for LEO?

Björn Pasteuning - PD5DJ pd5dj at pd5dj.nl
Wed Jul 9 13:00:38 UTC 2014

Hi Bill

funny you mention Myflydream

I am the Mylfydream service point for the Netherlands, I have discussed 
this with the developer Ming about this.
I know the protocol that is used to control the AAT (black box).
The AAT is connected to the Driver (blue box) the blue box decodes 
telemetry data from the plane. then sends a serial command to the AAT to 
Pan and Tilt in the correction directions.
Inside the AAT there is a 6 or a 12ch slipring for endless rotation.. 
(too keep in mind!) and cannot be limited to a min and max position..

I already wrote a little software some years ago that converts GS-232B 
protocol to MFD Protocol..

I have to digg up the project.

The thing why I did not continue this project is the endless rotation of 
the AAT, If i command the AAT to 355 degrees it will choose the shortest 
So eventually wires will get tangled. ;-)

Bjorn - PD5DJ

Bill (W1PA) schreef op 8-7-2014 19:42:
> Anyone aware of any projects to adapt this technology to LEO tracking?
> Bill  W1PA
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGQ-tLxafdM

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