[amsat-bb] Yaesu G5400B controller

Robert Smith dukenuke at pixi.com
Tue Jan 28 18:40:47 PST 2014

Aloha all

>> I think a 120VAC power surge might have killed the primary
>> transformer coil in my
>> G5400B  controller box.   Can someone who owns  one please  measure
>> the resistance between the two flat blades of the AC power cord  and
>> let me know what  the value is? Naturally you have to turn the
>> device on  to complete the circuit while measuring  the coil
>> resistance.
>> I broke the power toggle switch in the trouble shooting process,
>> anyone know where I can find the replacement. Also, a replacement
       transformer for that matter. Mahalo


       robert, NH7WN, Honolulu

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