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Michael Mat_62 at charter.net
Sun Jan 26 15:32:56 PST 2014

UGHHHHHH!!! It was poor choice of words while trying to express my 
overwhelming frustration with the seeming "status quo of satellite 
operation"  and it's already been apologized for TWICE!!  I suppose none 
of you have ever chosen words less than wisely when you were frustrated 
about something. So go ahead and label me as the bad guy  because I 
think we should be striving for something more than trying to show 
everyone how "easy" it is to operate sats.   Again, if you actually 
enjoy juggling an antenna , HT and a speaker mic with only two hands 
then more power to you.  I think that's too much like work and would 
much rather operate from the comfort of my shack but even if I were 
going to operate out on my back deck, I'd rather do it with a small 
table and a laptop and a tripod with a small motorized tracking system 
controlling the antenna.
And for the record, I came to an understanding about the realities of 
HEO launches and the lack of them probably long before some of you did 
and am all for the current movement towards LEO cubesats. I just don't 
want them all to be flying repeaters and would like to see a little 
technical savvy and challenge remain in operating them.
Michael, W4HIJ
On 1/26/2014 6:03 PM, R.T.Liddy wrote:
> Michael,
> Thanks for labeling me and tons of other Hams as IDIOTS for participating
> in an aspect of Amateur Radio that WE ENJOY! You have a LOT of apologizing
> to do!!!
> Here's a suggestion for you. Do what *you* like and let everyone do 
> what *they* like
> without being called viles names in front of the entire World.
> 73,    Bob  K8BL   (AMSAT Member since 1979)
> *From:* Michael <Mat_62 at charter.net>
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> *Subject:* [amsat-bb] Re: status
> I wasn't going to touch this  as I've made my opinion about P3-E known 
> before but I can't be silent about some other things.  I don't believe 
> it will ever fly because of the economic realities of today's world 
> but hey, stranger things have happened.  Cubesats seem to be the wave 
> of the future as they are more affordable to get launched but if you 
> ask me we are still going in the wrong direction with them in a couple 
> of areas. AMSAT seems to be bent and determined to keep building and 
> flying FM repeaters even when ground based FM repeaters are slowly 
> falling into disuse  and projects like Funcube AO-73 are showing how 
> viable linear transponder cubesats are. There also seems to be some 
> continued fascination with showing how we can all stand out in the 
> frigid cold or the blazing sun balancing an HT in one hand and a 
> handheld yagi in the other to work the flying repeaters....... YAWN!!! 
> The novelty of that has worn off just as quickly as it did on 
> exchanging nothing but grid squares and calls  and calling it a sat 
> QSO. The focus not only needs to be on more linear transponder 
> cubesats and developing  new and efficient ways to communicate with 
> them but also on developing affordable ground equipment  like complete 
> SDR transceiver systems along the lines of the funcube dongle except 
> maybe abandoning the "dongle" concept and going more with a desktop 
> "black box" approach. A computer driven SDR base station with tracking 
> and doppler correction and digital and CW as well as voice mode 
> communication is infinitely more interesting to me than seeing some 
> idiot balancing an antenna and an HT at a hamfest. Just my opinion.... 
> That and five bucks will get you a fancy Starbucks coffee blend but I 
> had to put it out there!
> 73,
> Michael, W4HIJ
> On 1/25/2014 2:44 PM, i8cvs wrote:
> > Hi John, W0JAB
> >
> > At the moment there is no hope to see again a satellite like AO40
> >
> > If we are like in the future probably we will see P3E, a satellite
> > similar to OSCAR-13 built by AMSAT-DL
> >
> > 73" de
> >
> > i8CVS Domenico
> >
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> >
> >
> >> Whats the status of a replacement for the likes of AO 40?
> >>
> >> I know I ask this from time to time but never seem to see anything.
> >>
> >> I for one would very much like to see this type the a boat load
> >> of small FM only type while there is still a place to park one.
> >>
> >> John, W0JAB
> >>
> >>
> >>
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