[amsat-bb] Suggestions for "I want a HEO"

Clayton Coleman kayakfishtx at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 10:08:40 PST 2014

I'd like to propose some alternatives to the whiney "I want a HEO" BB emails:

- Write up your vision for how a HEO linear transponder might be
constructed and launched.  AMSAT-NA is always looking for articles.

- Share with us your plan for obtaining the funds necessary to launch
a HEO linear transponder

- Publish a paper with your technical design for a next generation HEO

- Designate part of your estate towards the launch funds of a HEO

- Participate in the various AMSAT-related in-person forums worldwide
discussing this issue

- Contribute your engineering expertise to current goals so that
future technologies can be discovered through one of the many ongoing
satellite projects throughout the world

The best part about the above suggestions is all but one require no
money, perfect for most hams who want to complain but never open a
wallet when there is a need. It's also worth noting that you don't
have to be a member of an organization to contribute, though it is
often beneficial in my humble opinion.


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