[amsat-bb] Re: G5400B calibration problems

Greg D. ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 08:13:26 PST 2014

It sounds to me like something is binding.  These rotors run at 1 RPM; you could try running it for 30 seconds and verify that it moves 180 degrees.  Then the same in reverse.

If the motion is correct, then the pot is probably bad.  If not, then check for anything that might keep the whole kit from moving, for example, antenna balance.  Oh, also check the AC run capacitor.  If it's weak, you will have a weaker motor.

Good luck,

Greg KO6TH

Tim Goodrich <tim at timgoodrich.com> wrote:
>Hello All,
>I could use some help with the alignment/calibrating of my az/el rotor
>to my
>rotor controller.
>I followed the G5400B manual instructions and set the rotor and
>antennas to
>the full south position. The meter indicated full stop at the south
>as well. I then depressed the azimuth control to bring the rotor around
>degrees back to south. The first 5-10 seconds, the antennas moved and
>meter needle was not moving. However, when the rotation was complete,
>although the antennas were pointed south, the meter stopped just a
>degrees away from south, so I used the rear pot adjustment to zero it. 
>I then swung the other way attempting to go back to my starting
>After the meter hit full stop at south in the original position, I
>looked at
>the antennas and they were about 45 degrees short of full south. 
>According to the manual, I followed the steps correctly, but no matter
>I do, I cannot get the meter to always accurately reflect where the
>are actually pointing. 
>Can anyone tell me what might be wrong?
>Thank you,
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