[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 9, Issue 19

K4FEG k4feg at k4feg.com
Sat Jan 18 12:56:19 PST 2014

Frank, K4FEG here, I do not know if this would applicable to your 
situation, but while I was having control issues with my Icom Ic-910H 
and SatPC32, I reached out to Erich (writer of SatPC32) about the issues 
and he told me that some of the cables and other interface modules 
(USB/Serial adapters) need to have the /*FTDI chip set*/ in them, /*I 
had to search for a specific type of USB/Serial adapter that had the 
FTDI chip set in it.*/

Once I got this adapter, and plugged it in on my Windows 8 and 7 PC's, 
both operating systems instantly recognized the device and loaded the 
proper driver to make the adapter work. /*Erich explained that the 
PROLIFIC chip set, which is common in North America seems to have an 
issue with his program.*/

Another note is that there may be a firmware update for you Kenwood. I 
have had others tell me that their TS-2000 would not properly control 
with SatPC and when they got the various firmware updates for their 
specific model radio, it helped to resolve their control issues.

I do not know if this information is of help or not  but I thought that 
it might, you may post your question on my BB, Star-COM.net, if you 
like. My bb tries to cater more to real life situations and operations 
on the satellites and working with operators and rovers to facilitate 
working new grids on the "birds" you are most welcome to come visit 
there if you wish.
73 & best regards,

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