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Tue Jan 14 04:19:07 PST 2014

Hello Enzo,
Welcome back and I am sure that you will find many satellites to enjoy bold 
 old and new.
You can find the daily status of listed " Radio Amateur  Satellites" on the 
following web site.
In addition their are also now many "cubesats" operated by Universities etc 
 with downlinks used for science
and education.
A useful updated list of frequencies was produced by "JE9PEL/1" and is  
published on his web site.
Although perhaps all are not still operational you will he has kindly  
taken the time to put together the
list and references to other web sites.
Of great interest at the moment is "FUNcube-1"  ( Now Oscar-37)   very easy 
top hear the data download and read the data with the "Dashbaord"  
The satellite operates in the educational mode for use with the software  
during the time it is illuminated by the sun.   During eclipse  (  darkness ) 
 it operates in the amateur mode with a transponder.
Please visit the Amsat-UK web site for more information and  references.
_www.amsat-uk.org_ (http://www.amsat-uk.org) 
Regards and Good luck.
Ken Eaton

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