[amsat-bb] APRS packet using Kenwood TS2000 and UISS software

Rupesh Lad rupeshdlad2738.rl at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 21:44:20 PST 2014

Hello all,
I am Ground Station Team member of COEP's student satellite mission
'Swayam'(www.coep.org.in/csat).Our Ground Station is functional with uplink
and downlink capabilities and is equipped with Kenwood TS2000(having a
built-in TNC) transceiver and Yeasu G5500 rotor system.

With the vhf and uhf antenna available with us we have successfully
received analog beacons from many satellites. To prove our digital
capabilities we are focusing on having APRS contact with ISS. We use UISS
software by ON6MU along with AGW Packet Engine to connect PC with TS2000.
Using the software we successfully transmit packet on air as transmitted
packets are clearly heard on hand held Yeasu VX-3R transceiver which is
unable to decode any packet.

Even though we try to digipeat and data is transmitted, we are not able to
receive data on the software screen. whenever we have a pass of ISS some
signals are detected and a receiving led glows even in squelch on. But the
received signals doesn't sound like packet.

Please help us in improvising our ground station for digital communication.

Rupesh VU2COE

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