[amsat-bb] SWR on Satellite antennas

Peter Wilson protest at virginmedia.com
Sat Jan 11 10:08:26 PST 2014

Hi All,


Another question from a newbie.


I noticed the SWR on Tx whilst operating AO-07 mode b was 2:1 on 432.125Mhz.
(A bit high for me...)


However, on VO-52 and AO-73, the SWR is 1:1, which is of course due to the
fact that they are 3Mhz away from Ao-07.

The UK band plan for satellite operation is 435Mhz - 438Mhz and my antenna
is virtually flat throughout that range.

So, I have two questions.


1) Should I be worried about damaging my rig (IC-9100) with the 2:1 SWR on


2) Will future satellites be in the 435 to 438Mhz range?






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