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Jeff Griffin kb2m at comcast.net
Wed Jan 8 03:13:17 PST 2014

And most importantly start somewhere in the passband where there is no activity, once you find yourself then move to the active area of the passband...

73 Jeff kb2m

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Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like an increasing number of operators are trying to find their downlink by speaking into their mic while tuning up and down the band, often plus or minus 20-30 kHz. Not only is this disruptive to existing QSOs, it is not the most effective way to do it. My receiver has a panadapter with a 40 KHz bandwidth, and I can see these SSB signals swishing up and down, over and over.

If you don’t have computer control of your frequency, set up a switch by which you can send a SHORT series of dits. Then don’t swish. Adjust your transmitter is steps of about 3 kHz. Send a burst of dits at low power and listen. If you don’t hear yourself, tune up or down. This way you will have an effective way to find yourself and you won’t interrupt other QSOs repeatedly. 

Once you find yourself, make sure you are not interfering with an existing QSO. Then refine your tuning until your frequency is nearly right. If you are operating CW, your done. If you are operating SSB, try holding a tone generator near your mic and adjust your transmitter or receiver until the tone on the downlink matches the tone generator.

There is probably a free tone generator available for your smart phone.

Better yet, try computer control of your transmitter and receiver. You can easily find an Elmer on the air if you need help.

But, PLEASE. don’t swish!

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