[amsat-bb] Re: Tracker for use with Arrow (Lee Maisel)

Tom Warren mtnest at hartcom.net
Thu Feb 27 11:50:59 PST 2014

   I’m just starting to build one of the WRSPS systems, currently waiting for 2 small items to arrive.

  Be aware that the micro-controller board requires SMD soldering. If you plan to build it using 
the BOM parts from the specified suppliers it will coast a little over $200 not including antennas, 
preamp/s, etc.

  I’m doing it for the education and anticipate, at some point after completion, modifying some of the 
mechanism for remote operation and weatherproofed operation.  The DVD that comes with the board
contains all the construction info and add’l pictures over and above the ones you will see on the
‘in-depth’ website. 

  As of now, I’ve not been able to find a video of this system in actual operation.



If you are willing to do a little construction, WA8SME has a very nice design which appeared in QST,
called WRAPS.  Completely shameless plug!  You can order the key circuit board, bare, and programmed
PIC chip on the AMSAT Store:


It is $30 plus modest shipping. You can find a link to a download of the article. I haven't built one
myself, but construction is straight forward and doesn't require any exotic tools or skills.

Over the years there have been a few other similar controllers, but none that I am aware of which are
currently available assembled.  Another approach some have used is to use Yaesu rotators with an
inverter to power them.  That would not be a cost effective way new, but you sometimes find them very
cheaply at hamfests.



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