[amsat-bb] About ARTSAT1-INVADER

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Mon Feb 24 05:29:44 PST 2014

Hello, this is ji1izr/Masahiro.

As Mr. Wakita announced,
some Japanese satellites will be launched on coming Thursday GMT.

ARTSAT1-INVADER is included among them.

You can see the format of CW and get 'Excel' file for decoding it.
They will inform you the format of packet soon.

The concept of ARTSAT is to provide anyone using this satellite data for art.
It means that we ourselves must think how to use this data.
They will not provide softwares but information for anyone to use this satelli
Even not only the amature radio station will be able to get the data from this
 satellite through net.

Please note that the infomation is provided based on the Creative Common's Lis

They appreciate if you will cooperate with us and inform us when you catch the
 data from ARTSAT1-INVADER.

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