[amsat-bb] Promoting the Satellites

Clint Bradford clintbradford at mac.com
Fri Feb 14 12:03:17 PST 2014

>> ... At the same time I get tired of your constant grandiose self promotion ...

A couple "negative" folks here are displaying a very common health 

They are afflicted with what is commonly referred to as "small 
beam syndrome." They are suffering, obviously, by the anxiety caused by 
thinking that their handheld beams are too small. 

Small-beam syndrome sufferers have hope, though. Urologists Kevan 
R. Wylie of Royal Hallemshire Hospital and Ian Eardley of St. James 
Hospital in Leeds, England, review the literature on this syndrome in a 
recent issue of the urology journal, BJU International. They urge Web 
site owners and educators not to laugh away these very real worries 
over an imaginary defect.

"It is very common for men to worry about the size of their beams," 
Wylie says in a news release. "It is important that these concerns aren't 
dismissed as this can heighten concerns and anxieties."

For more information - and help - I offer this valuable online resource:


So excuse me, but I have work to do. I am preparing another presentation 
that will be given to a club on the East Coast - as I surpass 80 such talks 
on the satellites. And I am preparing another satellite article for publication 
in a national magazine. And I have to reply to another email request for a 
presentation ...

Oh, that loud, hysterical laughter you just heard from afar just now? I 
happened to be on the phone with my accountant, and I told her that I was 
being accused of "grandiose self-promotion," and knowing my expenses 
versus income for performing the educational activities that I do, she nearly 
fell off her chair ...

And so it goes ...

Clint Bradford K6LCS

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