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Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 13 00:33:54 PST 2014

Tony, I believe you are a bit mistaken... I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that Clint WAS an AMSAT Area Coordinator and he was recently asked to step down from the position. Or informed he was stepping down involuntarily... whatever way you want to say it.

As for comments about negativity on the board... ham radio is a part of life and negativity in life exists. Sometimes that negativity is veiled behind smiles, snarky comments and orchestrated presentations and the negativity that is obvious & easily observed is merely the reaction to the veiled form.

Also, try to remember that with the written word, intent is not always clear and humor does not always come across. A number of the people that post here have a dry sense of humor and use it to combat what they perceive as narcissistic ramblings. In other words, a lot of people write like they speak but you can't hear the sarcasm in their voice.

I also don't believe all contributions are always welcome. When the motives of an individual are self-serving and/or contrary to the motives of the greater organization, it's usually time to cut ties and have all parties go their separate ways. A lot of the time when this happens, the leadership of an organization has it's reasons, but doesn't want to be 'negative' and publicize the details. - Q.E.D.



Hey Clint, I know you think this is just a funny inside
joke but the negativity and cheap shot at
Barry is uncalled for. We both know that you were ASKED to be an
Area Coordinator and you DECLINED because
you did not want to take on the full
responsibilities of an Area Coordinator.
That is perfectly fine, not everyone wants
to take on that level of commitment. But, you were also told, by Barry, that AMSAT
would still appreciate any marketing and
publicity activities that you cared to do
on your own to benefit AMSAT. So, you may think it is just your little
inside joke since you were the one to reject the
position but poking fun at someone else is not
acceptable behavior on the BB and certainly not
in the spirit of amateur radio fellowship.
You owe Barry an apology. Tony AA2TX
"Control is the need of the fearful mind. Trust is the need of the courageous heart."

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