[amsat-bb] Re: 150 cubesats to provide global WIFI multicasting

Gus gus at 8p6sm.net
Sat Feb 8 15:15:15 PST 2014

On 02/08/2014 09:24 AM, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Any ham wanting to collect this content simply puts his 96000  baud radio
> listing to that repeaer INPUT to join the net!  An AP runs together
> building a buffer of that 70 megabytes of ham radio content per day, which
> is then instantly accessible at any time with is browser.
> Again, we have the sites, the atnennas, the freqs and the radios.

But for the life of me, I can't think where we could find 70 megabytes
of ham radio content.  Not useful content, anyway.

Gus 8P6SM
The Easternmost Isle

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