[amsat-bb] Re: 150 cubesats to provide global WIFI multicasting

Andre sats at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Sat Feb 8 05:59:19 PST 2014

On 08-02-14 14:24, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Already Ham Radio has the technology, bandwidth, and evreything needed to
> implement distribution of over 70 megabytes of Ham Radio data to every
> mobile and handheld operator every day.  That's a lot of content.
> And the frequencies exist, and the sites exist.  THink about it.  Every
> single VOICE repeater is sitting there with an INPUT channel that NOONE is
> listenitng to.  Therefore, that repeater can stream at 9600 baud this 50
> megabytes of ham radio data all day long using existing radios, existing
> packet and existing TNC's from that repeater site on its input.
> Every second, it drops the stream for 100ms to listen to see if any VOICE
> user wants to use the  repeater.  If no carrier is there, then the stream
> continues. If a voice user has keyed up, then the repeater acts normally,
> bringing up its voice transmitter for the duration of the voice contact.
> When the repeater evntually drops, it goes back to streaming the megabytes
> of ham data.
> Any ham wanting to collect this content simply puts his 96000  baud radio
> listing to that repeaer INPUT to join the net!  An AP runs together
> building a buffer of that 70 megabytes of ham radio content per day, which
> is then instantly accessible at any time with is browser.
> Again, we have the sites, the atnennas, the freqs and the radios.
> Just a thought.
> Bob, WB4APR
Nice idea but won't work because in a lot of areas the geochraphical
spacing between sites is to close and the 9600 baud signal will cause
other repeaters to open even when used with ctcss because of the nature
of a 9k6 signal.
It might work on duplex packet sites but in that case you might just as
well stream the data on the output.
with 1k2 2k4 or maybe 4k8 it might work but even then the question comes
up, why not stream on the output and only transmit ctcss when there is
voice trafic, that would be simpler to implement on all repeater sites
and not just the ones that use 2 transievers.
And to get back on topic of this list, that would also work on cubesats.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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