[amsat-bb] Re: Listening on USB when operating CW

Kevin M n4ufo at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 7 21:00:48 PST 2014

> Computer-control stations and manual-control stations are adjusting for
> Doppler differently. I have done - and will continue to do - both. In my
> opinion, neither is incorrect; they simply differ from each other.

This was posted during the assemblage of my long winded reply. I think it gets at the same thing I was beating around the bush at. I'm glad to know when I am eventually able to get back on the linear birds (yagis, preamps, cables and rotor in the closet... conduit for burying piled up outside) I will be able to find someone to work without getting my rig hooked up to a PC. (It will be enough to get the rotor hooked up to one!) I just hope I can remember which dial to turn when... anyone hearing me screw the pooch, please send instructions promptly! X^D

73 all,

Kevin, N4UFO
proud to be a full fledged Gridiot!

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