[amsat-bb] 1. Re: Polarisation Switch

Simon Brown simon at sdr-radio.com
Sat Dec 27 15:50:30 UTC 2014

Hi Mark,

Once I get the switches (or relays) there's no way I can TX into the SDR :)

I've decided to buy new WIMO X-Quad antennas and a couple of 20m runs of
Ultraflex 10 coax. In March or so I'll reposition the antennas a bit higher
and a bit further away from the house.

Seeing as how you have so much spare cash please may I have a MEO for my
next birthday? Please?

Simon Brown G4ELI

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At the risk of stating something obvious--another way is to put up an extra
set of antennas so you have 2 on 2M and 2 on 70cm :)  Then you have
dedicated antennas for your SDR receivers.  I know the price goes up with
preamps, coax, etc. but it's a nice solution that gives me all kinds of
options for mixing/matching bands!  Also, if there is no xmitter connected,
you're not going to xmit into the SDR directly. 


Mark N8MH 

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