[amsat-bb] Congratulations GRID MASTER #2

Doug Papay doug.papay at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 13:55:31 UTC 2014

Hi Damon,

Thanks for recognizing my accomplishment, it certainly would not have been possible without the help of the many individuals that went to extra effort to activate so many rare grids.  These include those who recently helped put the last 30 or so girds in the log: my father K8YSE, Tom KA6SIP, Denny WB8K, Bill N2COP, Ron N8RO, Craig KL4E, Ed WA7ETH, Steven KF7SLV, Wyatt AC0RA, and Clayton W5PFG.  Special recognition goes to my father K8YSE, Jim ND9M, Patrick WD9EWK, and Ted AA5CK for having been major contributors over the years  to this accomplishment.  I’m sure there are may more that I have not mentioned, and so I’m thankful for every effort, every contact is appreciated!

I also want to thank Rick WA4NVM for the heads-up via text from my father K8YSE about FM13 on Sunday morning—while I missed Bill N2COP that day, this head’s-up gave the motivation to be at the radio on Monday morning, and sure enough Bill was there and the contact was logged.   Without these guys watching out for me I would have missed the grid yet again.  (Thanks Rick!)

73, Doug KD8CAO

Ps. Grid #488 (FM13 via SO-50 with N2COP) was logged on 15/Dec/2014 @ 1252Z. 


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Congratulations  to Doug  KD8CAO  for having worked all 488 US grids
 GRID MASTER award # 2      12-14-2014
Great Job Doug

WA4HFN Damon
www.starcommgroup.org <http://www.starcommgroup.org/>

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