[amsat-bb] Design The Next AMSAT Satellite

Tom Schuessler tjschuessler at verizon.net
Fri Dec 12 13:30:09 UTC 2014


Even if this PSK/FM design was only in LEO it would be very heavily used I
believe but I think there would be limitations to the volume of traffic that
it would get at a higher orbit and higher frequencies.  The disadvantage of
the L/S in the higher orbit is it will take away the advantage I mentioned
about a ready pool of HF PSK operators to immediately use the thing.  That
would put it back into the realm of a niche hobby for the few.  To help us
get to our goal of higher and more sophisticated satellites, we need to
create excitement in other facets of the hobby that can overlap to our niche
and thus increase the pool of AMSAT supporters.

73 de N5HYP

Tom Schuessler

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Add to the aforementioned - all in a sat that is in a Molniya type orbit
with L & S band capability like AO-40 (sobsob) 
73 Bob W7LRD 

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