[amsat-bb] COSMOS2499 (RS-47?)

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Sat Dec 6 13:52:38 UTC 2014

Hi Jean Pierre,

I did receive RS-47 CW Look at http://www.dk3wn.info/p/?p=52752

But this was the only time, after that I didn't receive any CW
from RS-47.

73 Jan PE0SAT

On 06-12-2014 13:57, Jean-Pierre Godet wrote:
> Hi my friends !
>   I'm listening the passes over western Europe of the COSMOS-2499,
> but there is no CW telemetry nor callsign, never, only the usual
> russian DOKA-B telemetry on 435.465 and 435.565 MHz . Perhaps an error
> ?
>   Then, again this morning, I watched carefully the R4UAB blog video,
> especially the frequency vs time, then I "replayed" the november 30th
> day as seen from Dmitry/R4UAB location (Ruzaevka, Republic of
> Mordovia, Russian Federation) with the keplerian of COSMOS-2499, the
> fresh good ones of NORAD :
>   The Doppler frequency shift crossed 435.465 at about 23:15:48 on
> the video. At the moment, the bird was not over Russia but near the
> East coast of Australy. I thought, maybe the clock is not UTC but
> adjusted with the time zone of Mordovia (time is MSK (Moscow), UTC +
> 3)... So I tried 19:15:48 UTC but, yet, the bird was then not over
> Russia but the Pacific Ocean.
>   Any ideas ? The tle are the correct ones, sure, and you may verify
> yourself. I'm using them without problem and all the visible passes of
> the 2499 are received just in time, exactly, since saturday november
> 30th.
>   Have a nice week-end, 73 !
>   Jean-Pierre F5YG

With regards PE0SAT
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