[amsat-bb] COSMOS2499 (RS-47?)

Jean-Pierre Godet godetj at wanadoo.fr
Sat Dec 6 12:57:02 UTC 2014

   Hi my friends !

   I'm listening the passes over western Europe of the COSMOS-2499, but 
there is no CW telemetry nor callsign, never, only the usual russian 
DOKA-B telemetry on 435.465 and 435.565 MHz . Perhaps an error ?

   Then, again this morning, I watched carefully the R4UAB blog video, 
especially the frequency vs time, then I "replayed" the november 30th 
day as seen from Dmitry/R4UAB location (Ruzaevka, Republic of Mordovia, 
Russian Federation) with the keplerian of COSMOS-2499, the fresh good ones of 
   The Doppler frequency shift crossed 435.465 at about 23:15:48 on the 
video. At the moment, the bird was not over Russia but near the East coast 
of Australy. I thought, maybe the clock is not UTC but adjusted with the 
time zone of Mordovia (time is MSK (Moscow), UTC + 3)... So I tried 
19:15:48 UTC but, yet, the bird was then not over Russia but the Pacific 

   Any ideas ? The tle are the correct ones, sure, and you may verify 
yourself. I'm using them without problem and all the visible passes of the 
2499 are received just in time, exactly, since saturday november 30th.

   Have a nice week-end, 73 !

   Jean-Pierre F5YG

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