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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Hello all; I am an undergraduate 
Engineering student and a SWL. I have tracked many Amateur satellites 
from COEP Ground station, VU2COE. I want to Home brew a NOAA satellite 
image receiver as my academic project. I will be using WXtoImg to decode 
the image transmitted by NOAA satellite on APT frequency. So the task 
for me is to get the audio frequency output. Literature says that NOAA 
satellites transmit a signal of 40 kHz bandwidth. I have also observed 
the spectrum on Spectrum analyzer using my antenna. Want to know whether 
this is only RF bandwidth? and if it is so, then what is IF bandwidth of 
such signals? Can anyone help us in designing the receiver?


Are you receiving 1391 MHz GOES or 137.5 LEO WX Sats??


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