[amsat-bb] local yokels

Lizeth Norman normanlizeth at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 17:15:38 UTC 2014

Hi all!
Was monitoring the 1645z pass of AO-73. Got blown out of my chair by
direct, in the passband interference on 145.95. Looked like FM. Sure
enough, two of the good old boys have a local simplex channel.
Did send one (the other doesn't have an email on QRZ, go figure!!!) an
email explaining that their conversation could have been retransmitted
all over north America, had FO-29 or AO-7 mode A been overhead.
Is there any regulatory body to report this type of stuff to?
There is enough RF trash being transmitted by xboxes and the like.
Don't need more.
Norm n3ykf

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